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    Featured article : It's Christmas Time!

    Christmas is a magical time when you stroll outside, the air is cold and crisp and often the sky looks a little grey but you still feel happy and walk with an added bounce in your step. It makes you smile seeing the great job Jack Frost did on your windowpanes and you do not mind scraping the car windows before you can drive to go Christmas shopping. You travel slowly down the street looking at all the fabulous light shows displayed on the houses and lawns of friends, neighbors and even strangers. Fighting the crowds while shopping for the perfect gifts for loved ones, friends and co-workers, just adds to the excitement of Christmas. This is all part of the joy of Christmas.

    If you have children, you hide their gifts because you know that just like you when you were a child, they will be hunting for them. Sometimes you keep them at a friendís house so the children do not find their Christmas gifts and you get a chance to visit while you wrap them. If you have younger children, there are often bikes and doll carriages to be constructed or toys that need batteries put in them. Do not forget to mail the childrenís letters to Santa at the North Pole. No matter how old your children are, even ones living away from home, they love Christmas stockings so stocking stuffers are necessary. A great family tradition is to take your children to buy a few Christmas gifts and food items to donate to those less fortunate than himself or herself. Christmas is a time for giving and enjoying the company of all people, not just those that you already know.

    Christmas morning finally arrives, gifts are opened and the turkey is stuffed and in the oven. The Christmas tree glows and sparkles with tiny lights and beautiful Christmas ornaments. Opened gifts sit under the tree; the children are playing while the adults sit and talk. After all the hard work of preparing for Christmas, it has been worth every second. Other family members and friends stop by to wish you Merry Christmas and to celebrate this wonderful holiday. Everyone sits down to a lovely Christmas dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Desert is often plum pudding or Christmas cookies, if you have any room left. After tidying up and tucking the children into bed, you finally get to sit down and put your feet up.

    At Christmas, many people celebrate Christís birth while others celebrate life and pray for peace and harmony. We remember loved ones we have lost and reminisce about years gone by. No matter how old we are, what race, heritage or upbringing, Christmas is a time to love, rejoice and live.


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